Thursday, 24 March 2011

From Craig Edwards

I knew Estelle through my partner Michaela and found her to be warm, caring, quick with a smile and a laugh. A person that always made you feel happy to be in her company. I was lucky enough to spend time with her wherever we were in the world be it New Zealand, Australia or the UK. I knew that Estelle & Michaela had that most precious of commodities, true friendship. Estelle was a constant. The friends that was always there to share the latest news, provide a sympathetic ear or whatever was required. As Michaela and I built our life together we always expected that Estelle would be a part of it.

Having now heard from those that knew her best Estelle was everything that I knew her to be and more to so many people. She bought happiness and laughter to so many. A tragic loss, she'll be sorely missed but never forgotten.

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