Thursday, 24 March 2011

From Joanna Miller

Estelle, 'Stellie' our wonderful friend, one of a kind, a person who has entered one's life and it's become richer and fuller and more wonderful than you ever thought it could be. Everyone will have their own quirky and special memories of our gorgeous Stellie.

We met in Dunedin, where we flatted together, the Highgate girls were formed, Estelle, Genevieve, Janice and I, we all became great friends. One day we decided to brighten up the Highgate flat to match who lived there. We repainted the rooms in bright colours: Lounge, yellow, Genevieve's, green and that suited our Irish friend Janice that moved in later. Mine, red and Estelle's sky blue, fresh and calm and not a thing out of place. You know how every house has a smell, well Highgate not only smelt of Estelle's great perfume collection but also her Febreze fabric freshener when Stellie was on one of her many cleaning frenzies. Stellie was the first person I met that hung up all her T-shirts, and she had a lot. She was always a smart dresser and took pride in her appearance.

Estelle had a love for shoes and fashion. She worked at Glasson's and Barefoot during her student years which was a perfect match for her lay-by addiction.
Stellie was very committed to her university life. I remember one icy morning seeing her put on woolley socks over the top of her shoes so she wouldn't slip down the highgate hill. Other people would have stayed at home.

I will always treasure the fun times, the large Absolute vodkas and glasses of Sauvignon wine we had together and living normal day to day life.

After both of us having experienced OE's at different times we came to live in Christchurch to be closer to our families. We played social netball and touch together, lots of fun with a very competitive edge. I will miss our lunchtime Chai Latte's and catch up's. It made me giggle when she would get out her diary and tick off 'meet Joey for lunch' then she would remember she had done another job that morning but it wasn't written down so she would write it in, then tick it off, priceless.

One special memory was when I won a Hanmer Springs competition for two, I took Stellie. We got pampered, stayed at The Heritage, had pizza and wine and even played poker, perfect weekend. Another time away was the Hokitika Wild Food Festival great time camping, crazy foods, great beer and awesome company. These are just a few happy memories but there are plenty more.

It was exciting seeing Estelle and Jacob's relationship blossom. We loved hearing of your big plans together. I am grateful that you found true love with Jacob.

Stellie you have a strong beautiful spirit within you. I have seen many of your strengths. I appreciate your wisdom, courage, brilliant sense of humour, wit and loving nature.

Stellie it is time to say goodbye to a wonderful friend but I know you will always be with us.

Love you gorgeous girl x

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