Tuesday, 22 March 2011

From Ian Martin

Azza and I first met Estelle when she was Jacobs flatmate, we both knew there was a spark between them straight away and I think we both tried to give Jake a subtle (or not so subtle) nudge to say 'Go For It!'.

Estelle was always so positive and I don't think I recall her ever getting stressed of flustered, if she did she must have had the best poker face.

Estelle's sense of humour was a bit hit and miss at times. Some of the jokes she told were very funny and witty and some of them were ummm not.

Then one night our lives changed forever, begrudgingly and with a little encouragement from Jake she revealed her 'Seasons Greetings' joke. It was bloody hilarious and still makes me laugh. Just recently a friend of ours who had never met Estelle asked what she was like. I told her how lovely and caring she was and how she loved her jokes. I told the Seasons Greetings joke to a room of people who had never heard it before and everyone laughed damn hard. It will be nice to know that she made people laugh and smile even though she had never met them.

We think that you and Jake would have been the greatest parents. When you said that you were going to start a family in the near future I was so excited for you both and for Azza. I know the joy that being an Uncle can bring (9 times myself) and we were both looking forward to being the sort of Uncles that would bring the noisiest presents we could find!!

Aaron and I will miss you Estelle. You brought so much happiness into our life.

Lots of love Azza, Ian and Billie

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