Monday, 7 March 2011

From Sarah Owen

The 10 things that come to mind immediately that I will always remember and love about Estelle (Smelly)
  • She was so 'cool'; so into her music and I loved her CD books. I was in awe!
  • An honest and loyal friend. Very sad we lost touch in the last couple of years.
  • The tidiest person I have ever met - therefore the best flatmate ever in Gladstone Road. The way she cleaned that kitchen .......
  • The Lighthouse family song - our 'flat song' ... "We are going to be ....."
  • That amazing tidy car
  • Her spirituality and Feng Shui obsessions - I learnt a lot and our new house is very Feng Shui thanks to Estelle
  • Rock the microphone "Freestyler" - and the actions to go with it
  • The interest she always took in my family, and they loved her too. Pip, George, Emily and Simon all send their love to you all, they even had to ask me her real name. Smelly just stuck.
  • The way her clothes were ordered in her wardrobe, coat hangers always in the same direction and clothes ordered in themes - I now do this too - and she had so many colour Glasson's numbers when she worked there.
  • Estelle making me laugh to the point of a sore stomach and I had to tell her to 'stop'.

Thinking of Estelle's nearest and dearest at this very sad time, I only wish I would be there to pay my respects in person.

Love Sarah, Wales, UK. (Sezabell) x

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