Monday, 7 March 2011

From Sandra Macaulay

I remember first meeting Estelle in Auckland when she was over staying on the North Shore at Michaela’s house. She was nearly two years younger than the rest of us, but her maturity and wisdom put us all to shame! She was certainly wise beyond her years. She spent much time over on the North Shore in her late teens, and Michaela’s circle of friends came to know Estelle well.

Estelle came across to London from the States and stayed with me early 1999. We did the usual ‘sight-seeing’ and I do have pictures of Estelle on that trip. I will send the photos through when I have located them.

From my discussions with Estelle, she appeared happy with her chosen career path at Perpetual Trust. I too am in the trustee industry and we used to joke about what occupations we could come up as, in the early days, telling people “we administer deceased estates” was quite unsexy! I also used to work with her boss John McFetridge. I bumped into him October 2009 and asked after Estelle. He thought she was just a gem and had recently promoted her. He always spoke so highly of her J

I haven’t seen Estelle now for a number of years. The last time we spent time together was when we both travelled to Perth in 2007 for Michaela’s 30th. We all flew over cattle class, but Estelle used her air points to upgrade to business class. It was a great time in Perth, and I’m pleased that I had that opportunity to spend time with Estelle.

To Estelle’s nearest and dearest, this is a bumpy road for you all to travel. Losing someone close to you at such an early age is nothing but a tragedy. Lean on each other, cry, laugh, hug when you need to. Estelle has been taken well before her time, she will never be forgotten, her smile and quirky and sense of humour remain with you all.

With lots of love, and sympathy to you all at this time.

Sandra Macaulay xxx

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