Friday, 11 March 2011

From Marilyn Pinkney

Estelle, you beautiful girl.

I have so many memories of you going right back to the night you were born – babysitting Melissa & Hayley whilst Jocelyn & Lloyd were at the hospital welcoming you into the world. So many memories of you being with our family, most especially when you were little and Michaela’s special ‘cuz’ and friend…. Lots of excellent travelling together between Auckland and Wellington, Auckland and Tauranga, and Auckland and Whangarei… you and Michaela singing away in the front seats (I loved our tradition of each of us taking turns to have a CD of our choice playing) and me propped up comfortably with cushions in the back… being chauffeured by you two in my own car…. . You were so easy going, fun yet peaceful to be around. More recently you were a friend to me – being my mate at family do’s - sharing a bedroom at Margaret River – driving around in the back of Michaela & Craig’s car, up and down WA. My most recent memory was last year when you were the peacemaker between Michaela and I – I was so thankful for your good sense that day, helping me gain perspective over a misunderstanding between Michaela and me…..

Estelle, you know all the answers now….. I will keep you in my prayers, and ask you to keep ‘stirring away up there’ for all of us.

Lovely, darling girl – gone far too soon….. we are all at a loss to understand this…

Marilyn xx

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