Monday, 14 March 2011

From Margo & Paul Kennedy

Wow! Lots of fond memories of Estelle!! Wasn’t Towel just a quirky and unique, but cool chick.

Her well known talent of identifying perfumes was kinda freaky. Early on I was convinced she only knew the names of the perfumes I wore, however I stood corrected many times when she showed off her 6th sense when out in a group.

Once we ventured to a one day international at the mighty house of pain – found a primo spot on the terrace, and as we settled in for the day I will never forget Towel unpacking her bag as though she was at the beach for the afternoon, with all her gossip magazines. I’m sure she didn’t see a ball bowled that day, or even know what was going on. But she had fun!!

When Towel worked in Dunedin, she worked in insurance on Princes St and always had her finger on the pulse as her office was literally on the street front - nobody got past without being noticed.

I also remember her working (and shopping) at Street Legal shoes, feeding her appetite for shoes. She always seemed to find time for a gossip between customers.

She loved Carla’s bulldog ‘Roger’, which in my mind kind of explains why her favourite All Black at the time was Anton Oliver!!? I can still hear Towel now defending Anton, as the rest of us struggled to see his finer points?

In more recent times there was a ‘gang’ of us that ventured to Phuket for Carla and Cory’s wedding. I am thankful now of that time as apart from being an incredible ‘carefree’ week, it now has much greater significance with the memories that this trip installed. It is with sadness that Towel will not be part of any future ventures.

For an amazing person with an incredibly unique, bubbly, generous, outgoing perspective on life you will be truly missed. We were blessed to know you.

Margo & PK xxox

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