Monday, 14 March 2011

From Anne Birkinshaw

I hadn’t seen Estelle for quite a while, since Melissa and Justin’s wedding, but I remember her very clearly from my early days in NZ back in 1995. Jocelyn, Melissa and Estelle were kind enough to let me stay with them when I first arrived here and Estelle and I got on really well, even though she was still at school and a number of years younger than me. She had such an awesome and witty sense of humour and a maturity beyond her years even then. My favourite memory is of her getting ready for prom in the silver dress and that big hair!!!

I can see from what people have written over the past few weeks and photos that have been posted that she went on to become a beautiful, successful and much loved young woman.

I know you will all miss her like mad and I'm so sorry for your loss, but in some way she will always be with you - treasure your memories and I hope in time that you can smile as you remember her.

Anne xx

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