Friday, 4 March 2011

From Lucy & Alaistair Clark

When Alastair and I first met you Estelle we were living with Jacobs's sister Kerri at the Aylesford Manor. We had just come back from the Uk and had decided to flat while we looked to buy a house.

Kerri started holding Wednesday night family dinners where we would all get together for dinner. Jacob would come with Shadow the dog, Azza and Clunk always brought a kick arse, hip widening chocolate dessert and we would have a few hours of food and laughter each week.

One night Jacob brought along his new flatmate, you! We all immediately observed the chemistry between you and Jacob and afterwards we quizzed him as to whether you guys were getting it on. He said "no, she's my flatmate"! Later we teased him - "Estelle, she likes you! Woooooooooooooweeeeeeeeeeee"

You came a regular at the family dinners and we still could see that if you guys weren't a couple then you ought to be. I remember Kerri asking Jacob what he was actually looking for. I think on his wish list he wanted good looking, funny, nice figure, intelligent and someone that gets him. Hellooooooooo Estelle has all those qualities!!!!!!

I don't know how you guys finally got it together but once it happened you were a wonderful couple to watch. I liked your quick wittedness and you had a funny answer and quip for anything that Jacob threw at you. A great zest for life and just a nice friendly girl.

It's extremely sad that you have lost your life in such devastating circumstances and you won't get to fulfil the dreams that you had. But your life has touched many people and you will be remembered very fondly.

Best wishes

Lucy and Alastair Clark

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