Friday, 4 March 2011

From the Jensen Family

To Jacob and Family,Hayley and Families.
As I said before, No words can express out feelings for you for your loss, Words will seem Hollow with no real meaning for you at this time, Just know our Deepest, Love,Aloha,Alofa,Aroha in all languages to you,
I have heard of your many travels, you covered alot in the time together more than a lifetime for many, and now so sweet the memories will hold.
Hayley you know the things you girls got up to, with my girls, Frances,Helene,Selena,Those memories can never be erased. But you all had to grow up and the distances between us grew also, But our thoughts and prayers are always with you all.
Estelle will stay forever young, she always brought a smile  to us, and when she climbed the stairway to heaven,she would of made a Grand Entrance.
Take care of yourselves, try to be strong. Will keep in touch.
Tony Jensen and Families xxx

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