Tuesday, 8 March 2011

From Janice Clarke

Hey Stellie,

I wish that you were still here and soon I would receive a whitty reply. Jacob and your sisters have been so brave and ashamedly I’ve spoken to Joey more in the past 2 weeks than I have in 2 years. They always say it takes a tragedy to bring people together again. I just never imagined we’d lose a friend in such unbelievable circumstances, it’s still so hard to believe. I wish I’d spoken to you more and kept better contact but it’s too late now and the sadness that fills my heart every time I let myself remember that I’ll never see you again is awful. I’m so glad that Jonny met you in NZ so he knew you too and can share my grief. Mum, Dad, Avril, Stephie, Yvonne, Kathryn, Linda and all the other Irish that you met when you & Carla visited remember you too which is nice, Dad described you as the ‘lovely big tall girl’ which you know to take no offence as he did describe me as ‘a lovely big bride’, it’s just his aul way of talking. The saddest irony of this which makes me so angry is that you were so happy and had so many plans with Jacob. I’ve read your last email so many times and it breaks my heart that you had found your soul mate and were hoping to start a family in a new home and your dreams have been smashed. My deepest sympathy is with Jacob who is just heartbroken but he is doing you proud Stel & keeping everyone posted on your funeral plans and gathering up photos etc. I’m so glad that you had that trip with Hayley, Melissa & families and they will treasure those times forever. Everyone will miss you heaps Stellie but you were such a strong character we won’t ever forget you. I’ll always remember the night we sat outside Highgate and sang the full version of Miss American Pie together, I have that CD you made up for me and I’ll sing it again with G, Joey & Carla when we get together in July. How bizarre is it that we are getting together in July...if only you were coming too. I found the photo of us pulling your ‘scary rabbit’ face, Joey and I laughed hard about that - I have no idea now how that started but it still cracks me up. Those days in Highgate with you girls were some of the best days of my life, you & Joey made me into a real girl! I think I learned more about housework from you than my Mum! Your funeral will be the day before St. Paddy’s, we always had a blast in Dunnos but then again it never took much of an excuse for us to have a party! We’ll drink a gallon of the finest NZ Sauvignon Blanc to your memory in July Stellie and talk ourselves purple about how great you are, then we’ll sing and dance till the floor nearly falls out of my mobile and laugh and laugh till we can hear you laughing with us... But anyways I just wanted to say goodbye and tell you that I’ll always love you and miss you heaps. I’ll never understand why this happened but if there is a heaven I hope you are there smiling down on us, if you miss Rosie my old dog Cassie is up there somewhere, big hairy golden retriever, I’m sure she’ll be happy to keep you company. I don’t know many others up there apart from a few old crusties but I’m sure you’ll mingle and be as popular there as you were here, making people laugh and feel good!

Until we meet again my friend take care. Love ya heaps doll. Jan xxx

PS: A hotpress is just the cupboard with the hot water tank in it where you keep towels & linen, not for developing photos, growing weed or making pancakes!! Trust you to think of all those crazy ideas though!! LOL ;o)

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