Monday, 7 March 2011

From Courtney McHugh

I had written pages of stuff and then thought it's just too much - I'm sure there'll be so many memories and thoughts already written .... so I've just added words that remind me of her and are thigns that I know she liked - don't know if they're any use


Cheese & Crackers
Tiki Tane
Key Lime Pie
Sauvignon Blanc
Anton Oliver
Our weekly walk around Hagley Park on our lunch breaks
So many shoes under her desk she needed a box
Otago scarf hanging by her desk
Camping at Benmore & Gore Bay
Playing cards in the tent
Early morning swim in the freezing lake
Dinner parties
Going to the races for her birthday
Stopping at each others desks to chat ... whispering when it was personal conversations
Checking her hair when she thought it had been dyed grey ... and confirming her fears
Silly jokes
Barbeques at Andrea's
Barbeques in our tiny courtyard in Waltham
Jake's Waitangi Day birthday bbq when I burnt my leg
Meeting Jake for the first time outside Toast in Lordships Lane and seeing Estelle's smile
Singing along to songs we loved
Dressing up as Pat Benetar and Cheryl West
Being on the social committee together
A great friend who always listened and really cared
A lovely woman who I will dearly miss.



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