Tuesday, 22 March 2011

From Chris White

So many thoughts go through my mind when thinking about Estelle. Such a tragic halt to what was an incredible person and her journey. In reading her e-mails over the last year it seemed as though it was all coming together for her. I was proud to have her as a friend.
  • The first e-mail on my birthday every year (perhaps b/c we shared the same b/day, but still great to receive)
  • Annual CD’s from the EMC, even though she claimed how out of the loop she was re: kiwi music, seen as how hard it was to keep up with it all!
  • Her love of Arial font
  • Reminding me to avoid the media doom & gloom during the GFC
  • The 19 yr. old who took a greyhound bus from LA to Dallas
  • Working at Cantina Laredo, valeting at the Blarney Stone, temping for Ntelicor. Through all of it she started life lasting friendships and touched everyone with her personality
  • Her love of ‘motivational successories’
  • Her visits through Dallas, and reminding me that the South island was the ‘bestest place’ in the world
  • Never understanding why she loved the state fair of Texas
  • Sharing stories about her ‘builder boy’ and how she’d landed a good one
  • An innate ability to laugh at herself, and her ridiculously funny stories
  • Her outlook on life and the smile that came with it
The glass was always half full with Smelly.


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