Saturday, 5 March 2011

From Amy Gray

My darling friend Estelle, today we remember you.

I first met Estelle in the sixth form at Avondale College, she was the new girl and I took it upon myself to take her under my wing.

It wasn't long before our friendship blossomed, I really cherished my friendship with Estelle. Together we connected on a common interest in Astrology, philosophy, spirituality, an amazing "fashion sense" and a wicked sense of humour.

Throughout the years Estelle travelled far and wide but she was never too far to put pen to paper, sharing with me her experiences and a collection of photo's, which to this day I still have in possession and will now remain forever treasured memories.

I still recall Estelle informing me of a new relationship she had entered into with Jacob.. stating after a few months of being the best non-couple couple around (whilst doing everything together) they had decided to defy the ol saying "Don't date your flatmate" or something along those lines(!?), which apparently echoed a response of "About bloody time you two", from that moment their love and relationship only grew and as fate would have it she had found her soul mate.

Estelle I know is a shining point in many of our lives and after all these years it is only now that I learn the definition of Estelle is 'Star', "One of the innumerable bodies seen in the heavens"... Estelle my friend you shine brightly from a far, in my heart forever,

Ciao for now x x x x

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